Safeguarding Information & Child Protection

Safeguarding Information and Child Protection 

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Working Together to Safeguard Children

Nottinghamshire County Council Website

Whole School Child Protection Policy 2016


Radicalisation Appendix 19


FGM Appendix 20


First aid image  

First Aid Information on Poisioning and Burns & Scalds

Please find below some useful information for parents regarding burns, scalds and poisons:-

Burns and scalds Parents leaflet

Burns and scalds Professionals Information Sheet

Poisoning Information Sheet for Professionals

Poisoning Leaflet for Parents

Keeping Children Safe Online

We would like to make you aware of this article on Nottinghamshire Police’s website.  Please click on the link below to go to their website:-

Police are urging parents to make sure they know who their children are talking to online after primary school pupils were targeted. The youngsters, aged between nine and 11 were using the ooVoo app – a multiple user chat service – on which a man befriended them and posted sexual images. One of the children told a teacher what had happened and it was reported to the police.  We are asking parents to get involved in what children are doing online. Keep your kids safe!

Please be mindful that this particular App is not the only one where there have been safeguarding concerns; perpetrators do utilise any platform where they can access children.   For a full list  of Apps which can be used as a platform to access children please visit the Nottinghamshire Police website; the list is not exhaustive and please be aware that new Apps are constantly developed which children and then potential perpetrators access.  It is also worth noting that the minimum age is not necessarily a bar to children if they enter their incorrect age.

Meet Our Anti-Bullying Champions

“Hello,  we’re the Anti-Bullying Champions at All Saints C of E Infant School.

We’re here to help everyone feel safe and happy in school.

Please talk to us if you need our help”.

Lacey  & Connor 

Year 2

Huthwaite All Saints C of E Infant School